Retrieves an array of all proposals included in a PB Cycle. Take into account this query will only return proposals with which have a name, this means other proposals without name can exists but they are not available through this query.

If you need to present all proposals, even those that don't have a name, for instance, to present all proposals belonging to a specific participant use myProposals query instead.

filters: ProposalsFiltersInput
after: String
before: String
first: Int = 0
last: Int = 0
): ProposalConnection


filters (ProposalsFiltersInput)#

Filters to search proposals.

after (String)#

Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.

before (String)#

Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.

first (Int)#

Returns the first n elements from the list.

last (Int)#

Returns the last n elements from the list.



The connection type for Proposal.