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type VerificationToken {
accessCode: String
category: String!
createdAt: ISO8601DateTime!
id: ID!
singleUse: Boolean!
status: String
token: String!
updatedAt: ISO8601DateTime!
usedAt: ISO8601DateTime
validFrom: ISO8601DateTime
validUntil: ISO8601DateTime
verifiableId: ID!
verifiableLoginIdentifier: String
verifiableType: String!


accessCode (String)#

The access code provided during access token creation.

category (String!)#

Category for the verification token.

createdAt (ISO8601DateTime!)#

id (ID!)#

singleUse (Boolean!)#

Indicates if this verification token has been created to be uses only once.

status (String)#

Summarizes the status and use of the token.

token (String!)#

The code or token that will be used to verify the action.

updatedAt (ISO8601DateTime!)#

usedAt (ISO8601DateTime)#

validFrom (ISO8601DateTime)#

The initial value in which this verification token starts to be valid.

validUntil (ISO8601DateTime)#

The final date and time in which this token still be valid.

verifiableId (ID!)#

The related entity ID. This is the entity that uses the token to verify a certain action

verifiableLoginIdentifier (String)#

Returns the login identifier to verify if exists. Usually an email.

verifiableType (String!)#

The related entity type.