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type PBCycleTypeBaseValues {
baseMaxBallotProposals: Int!
baseMaxDuration: Int!
baseMaxProposals: Int!
baseMaxSeats: Int!
id: ID!
pbCyclePrice: Int!
perSeatPrice: Int!


baseMaxBallotProposals (Int!)#

The maximum number of proposals that can be added to a PB Cycle ballot. Proposals added to the ballot will be available to be voted by participants.

baseMaxDuration (Int!)#

The total number of days this PB Cycle can be active before to raise the do phase.

baseMaxProposals (Int!)#

The maximum number of proposals that can be created for PB Cycles using this type.

baseMaxSeats (Int!)#

The maximum number of allowed seats that can be occupied by parties in the PB Cycle.

id (ID!)#

pbCyclePrice (Int!)#

The price that users must pay to create a PB Cycle with this type.

perSeatPrice (Int!)#

The price that PB admin must pay to add new seats to an existing PB Cycle.