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type Currency {
currencySymbol: String!
decimalDigits: String!
displaySymbol: Boolean!
exampleFormat: String
groupSeparator: String!
id: ID!
isoCode: String!
name: String!
symbolFirst: Boolean!


currencySymbol (String!)#

The currency symbol, for instance $. More information

decimalDigits (String!)#

The number of decimal digits used for this currency format.

displaySymbol (Boolean!)#

Indicates if the currency symbol should be displayed when amounts are formatted.

exampleFormat (String)#

String with an example of the final format for amounts in this currency.

groupSeparator (String!)#

The character to separate thousand units.

id (ID!)#

isoCode (String!)#

Te currency three letters ISO code. More information.

name (String!)#

The currency name

symbolFirst (Boolean!)#

Indicates if the symbol is placed at first place in the formatted string.