The payload to notify updates on a party ballot.

type BallotResultsUpdatesResponse {
action: String!
ballotResultsId: ID!
newValue: Boolean
remainingBudget: Decimal!
remainingBudgetAsMoney: Money!
resultsProposalId: ID
submittedAt: ISO8601DateTime
totalBudgetSpentAsMoney: Money!


action (String!)#

Indicates the action type performed by the admin. Possiblevalues could be: selected, submitted.

ballotResultsId (ID!)#

The party ballot results ID.

newValue (Boolean)#

The new value after the user action.

remainingBudget (Decimal!)#

DEPRECATED Deprecated in favor of `remaininBudgetasMoney`.

The total remaining budget in ballot. Every time the admin select or remove selection from a proposal remaining budget is updated.

remainingBudgetAsMoney (Money!)#

resultsProposalId (ID)#

The proposal included in the voting results list when admin has performed a selected action over it.

submittedAt (ISO8601DateTime)#

The date and time when the admin submitted the voting winners.

totalBudgetSpentAsMoney (Money!)#