Move the PB Cycle to the previous phase. PB Cycle is moved between phases in a sequential way, so if the previous phase is a transitional phase it will be skipped and the PB Cycle will be moved to the immediate previous valid phase.


Only PB administrators are allowed to move PB Cycle forward.

Revert changes#

It is possible to move the PB Cycle forward by using the movePbCycleForward mutation.

On success#

If operation is successful you'll receive the PB Cycle ID as response.

Possible errors#

In case of error you could receive any of next errors:

UnauthorizedIER4002You are not authorized to access this resource. Only PB administrator can perform this operation.
No next phaseAGGER6045There are not an available next phase. Occurs when the PB Cycle is in the last phase.
input: MovePBCycleBackwardInput!
): MovePBCycleBackwardPayload


input (MovePBCycleBackwardInput!)#

Parameters for MovePBCycleBackward



Autogenerated return type of MovePBCycleBackward