Autogenerated input type of UpdateProposal

type UpdateProposalInput {
proposalId: ID!
name: String
description: String
cost: Decimal
categoryId: ID
pbCycleId: ID
videoUrl: VideoUrl
clientMutationId: String


proposalId (ID!)#

The proposal ID to be updated.

name (String)#

A descriptive name for proposal.

description (String)#

Full length description for proposal.

cost (Decimal)#

Estimated cost for proposal. This cost is stored as decimal.

categoryId (ID)#

The category which this proposal will be assigned to.

pbCycleId (ID)#

The PB Cycle UUID which the proposal will be assigned to.

videoUrl (VideoUrl)#

A video URL for proposal. The provided video must be a YouTube video URL otherwise the server will return an error.

clientMutationId (String)#

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.