Input type to filter proposals based on different criteria

type ProposalsFiltersInput {
OR: [ProposalsFiltersInput!]
pbCycleId: ID
name: String
description: String
owner: [ID!]
orderBy: OrderByEnum
sortBy: SortByEnum
likedBy: [ID!]


OR ([ProposalsFiltersInput!])#

pbCycleId (ID)#

Filter proposals by pb_cycle_id

name (String)#

Search/filter proposals by name. Will return proposals that match with the term or terms provided in this argument.

description (String)#

Search/filter proposals by description content.

owner ([ID!])#

Search/filter proposals belonging to a specific PB Cycle participant/participants.

orderBy (OrderByEnum)#

sortBy (SortByEnum)#

likedBy ([ID!])#

Search/filter proposals liked by [party / parties], as a parameter pass party_id / party_ids as array format