Autogenerated input type of CreateTrialPBCycle

type CreateTrialPBCycleInput {
theme: String
description: String
budget: Int
currency: CurrencyInput
withDefaultCategories: Boolean
clientMutationId: String


theme (String)#

A brief description for PB cycle, generally it can be considered as the PB Cycle's title.

description (String)#

A full description of the PB Cycle. It is expected that ypu provided gere more information for future participants.

budget (Int)#

The total budget available to implement in this PB Cycle. Take into account this budget will limit the proposals that can be implemented at the end of this PB Cycle.

currency (CurrencyInput)#

The currency which will be assigned to the PB Cycle. This argument accepts currencyId or isoCode. To assign the currency value, at least one of them is required. If both are provided currencyId has precedence over isoCode.

withDefaultCategories (Boolean)#

Indicates if the new PB Cycle will be generated with a default set of categories.

clientMutationId (String)#

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.